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Stonehenge is a unique prehistoric monument, at the centre of an extraordinary archaeological landscape so rich and varied that it was designated a World Heritage Site in 1986. It is a rich source for the study of prehistory and holds a pivotal place in the development of archaeology. Many different theories have been put forward about who built it, when, and for what purpose

World Heritage Site
Stonehenge and Avebury were inscribed together on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List in 1986. The Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites World Heritage Site was one of the UK’s very first World Heritage Sites. Visit their website

Visit Wiltshire - Official Tourism Information for Wiltshire
Guide to Wiltshire with details of places to stay, what to do, features and special offers. Visit their website


Wiltshire Museum, Devizes
Award-winning displays feature spectacular treasures dating to the time of Stonehenge and worn by people who worshiped inside the stone circle. Visit their website

The Salisbury Museum
Stonehenge is a unique monument standing at the heart of an extensive archaeological landscape on Salisbury Plain. Finds from excavations at Stonehenge are held at the Museum, as well as important discoveries such as the Monkton Deverill Torc and the Amesbury Archer burial. Visit their website

Stonehenge Guided Tours
The Stonehenge Experts! Long established tour operator offering tickets, guided tours, special access inner circle tours and private group visits. Visit their website

English Heritage
Live and breathe the story of England at royal castles, historic gardens, forts & defences, world-famous prehistoric sites and many others. Visit their website

Solstice Events U.K
Established tour operator offering exclusive Solstice and Equinox tours from London, Bath and Salisbury. Tours and transport options available for the Summer / Winter Solstice and Spring / Autumn Equinox celebrations at Stonehenge. Visit their website

National Trust
A charity that works to preserve and protect historic places and spaces - for ever, for everyone. Visit their website

The United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) was founded on 16 November 1945. Visit their website

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